GreatBirthdays Kids Party Entertainment

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Parachute and Limbo games

Kids of all ages love the Parachute Games and will go around " Wheels on the Bus", . Children love going around and sing! Moreover, Limbo is "How low can you go" dancing and children, all of them, will be interacting with us!

Comedy magic (kids level)

Children's favorite and will be looking forward to volunteer and make things appear and disappear!

Interactive Dancing games

Kids love to dance! we have Interactive dancing games and Bollywood dancing and Dancing games. Children love dancing as they have lots of energy!

Party Characters

The best thing about balloon twisting is that it gives way to much creativity—a thing that kids have plenty of. With balloons, various things can be created and played with. That is exactly the reason why balloon twisting is such a hit in children’s parties. If you are wondering what kinds of twisted balloons I offer, then let me list the most popular ones:

Face / Hand painting is one of children favorites activities. Our paintings are FDA approved. Just wash with soap and water and woola is gone! We also paint on cheeks and arms as well! Fun Time!



Beautifull and clean mascots for your child's wonderful party! Surprise your child with his/her favorite TV characters.


Face/ Hand painting

Balloons Shaping (different shapes)