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Children Party Games

Five activities kids love at Birthday Parties

Children will have a great time with following party activities. Your children party will be enjoyable and memorable. We entertain children at birthday parties and adults may enjoy themselves,
  • Comedy Magic —Great for children over 3 years, our magic show interacts and have them laugh most of time. Childrenlove to volunteer and participate. Friendly clown or magician may perform a great comedy magic act.
  • Face / Hand Painting—All our face painting supplies are EDA approved and safe for children. We have a great collection of desings and kids love them.
  • Glitter Tattoos—  Glitter tattoos have lot of sparkles and we have awesome designs. Glitter tattoos are eye-catching, not only because of their sparkles but also due to their gorgeous designs. We have designs such as flowers, fairies and butterflies for the girls and dragons and superhero signs for the boys. No need to worry about safety as we use high-quality, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic materials.  Often, adults and teens enjoy getting a glitter tattoo.
  • Balloon Shaping— Balloons of all shapes! Children love them! It is another great activity and we twist balloons for all kids. We make balloons shape like flowers, butterflies, hearts, dogs, puppies, hello kitty, rainbow,  swords, airplanes, snakes, monkeys, elephants, lions, water guns, rabbit and many more shapes! A simple balloon can be turned into an accessory, an animal, or a hat! 
  • Dancing Games— Children are very energetic and love to dance! We bring our music system and bring all CDs, music and supplies. We dance nursery rhyme songs, American music and Bollywood dancing with kids. It is incredible how kids have a great time specially children above 4 years to 13 years. Throughout our entertaining years, our entertainers have learned to dance Bollywood music and eat Indian food which is delicious!
  • Pin The Tail on the Donkey- Hang up a picture of a donkey without a tail on a wall. Line up the children up a few feet away and give each one a tail (write their names on the tails or make each one a different color). Blindfold the first kid and slowly spin him around three times. Point him in the direction of the poster to tape on his tail. After each child has had a turn, see which tail is the closest to where it should be.
Children’s Party Supply Ideas  A party for children requires color, fun, creativity and excitement and this means getting your hands on the best which can make that special day unforgettable. The list of party supplies is endless and it is quite easy for any parent or event planner to get confused and overwhelmed with all the selections available in party stores. Most decorations look so lovely that you would like to buy all of them. How many times have you seen party planners scratching their heads not knowing where to begin and what to buy? Planning the party food is already difficult enough. To make things simple for any parent, here is list of the absolute essential children’s party supply ideas. After all, we all know that decorations have a very big effect on the celebration itself. Crepe Paper Crepe paper is colorful and very easy to work with. Even beginners will not have any problem using it for decorations.  They can be cut and shape into flowers, pom-poms, garlands, and they can also be used as wrappers. There are various DIY crepe paper projects online which you can create with your children.